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LED Lighting

LED lighting products feature state of the art LED technology in traditional fixtures. LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED lights contain small light sources which become illuminated moving electrons through a semiconductor material in the light.

Offering the look of contemporary fluorescent lighting, LEDs provide low maintenance and energy efficient lighting. Besides savings on energy, LED lighting provides other ways to save, including maintenance and even cooling costs. LaMar LED lights are great for new construction and building renovations.

These fixtures can be used in grid ceilings and as surface-mounted lighting, and they are an ideal choice for use in offices, hospitals, and schools. Our unique bi-level LED luminaire is controlled by two external infrared motion sensors that provide safe, dependable illumination while conserving energy. Please see the LED lighting products below for additional details and specifications.

Most surface, suspended and recessed products now available for use with LED modular light engines - Consult factory for more information
LED Xpress

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VO and VOB Series Fluorescent Lights

V Series Fluorescent Lights


VOL Series LED Lights


VL Series LED Lights


DLIRL Series LED Lights




DSLED Series Fluorescent Lights

DLL Series LED Lights


HBL1 Series LED Lights


DSLED Series LED Lights




STLED Series LED Lights

DVLED Series LED Lights


DVLF Series LED Lights


MTRN Series Fluorescent Lights

SU and SUNL Series Fluorescent Lights

LELED Series Fluorescent Lights

MTRN/MTL Series Fluorescent/LED Lights


SUNL Series LED Lights


LE Series LED Lights


LVLED Series Fluorescent Lights



LV Series LED Lights


LVLOS Series LED Lights


LSL Series LED Lights



UC-LED Series Fluorescent Lights

CD Series Fluorescent Lights

R1L/R2L Series LED Lights


UC Series LED Lights


CD Series Fluorescent/LED Lights


CR Series Fluorescent Lights

CS Series Fluorescent Lights

CR Series Fluorescent/LED Lights


CS Series Fluorescent/LED Lights


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